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  Established In 2002 - 13 years Strong and looking forward to the future!


SoCalSkateShop.com - Who Are We?

    -SoCalSkateShop.com is run by myself Mike Hirsch and my wife Linda. We also have a staff of 10 full time employees and 4 Part time.

    -We started the online shop in 2002 and have grown the shop into a full-blown online skateshop over the first 4 years, and in 2009 we opened a retail store in Mission Viejo, CA. In 2010 we expanded to a full warehouse next store to improve our stock.

    -Since 2002, we have processed hundreds of thousands of orders and have built a solid reputation domestically in the USA and around the world for being one of the best online skateshops selling products to the core skateboarder community.

    -We are based in Mission Viejo, California. Mission Viejo is located on Interstate 5 between San Diego and Los Angeles in South Orange County.

    -We come to you from the heart of the skateboarding industry, Southern California and have dealer accounts with all the major skateboard companies and distributors in Southern California and throughout the US.


SoCalSkateShop.com - Customer Satisfaction

    -Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the best selection of skateboard gear possible and to provide our customers with a one-stop online skateshop.

    -We ship your orders as quickly as we can and notify our customers when their orders are shipped. We price our products accordingly and do not show a higher retail price and then show that you are getting a huge discount off of retail.

    -We are sure you will find our pricing structure to be one of the best online. We carry a huge line of core skateboard products and cater to skateboarders looking for products from smaller companies owned by core skateboarders.

    -Our inventory is constantly being replenished and new products are added daily. We have an online support center that allows our customers to interact with us with product questions and order inquiries. If you have any immediate questions feel free to call us at (949) 600-5876 (11am-7pm PST).

    -We know there are a lot of shops to choose from and we promise to deliver the best customer care possible so that you are satisfied with your online or in-store transaction.


SoCalSkateShop.com - FAQ?

Do You Really Have Live Inventory?
-Yes, 99.5% of the products you see listed at SoCalSkateShop.com are on hand and ready to ship or available at our retail store. The beauty of our retail store is that our online order prcessing center is connected to the shop! The only items that we do drop ship on occasion Madrid Completes as we have a partnership with them to carry all of their products. Other than that it is rare that we do drop shipping. 

99.9% of our orders are successfully fulfilled. If there is an inventory issue we will contact the customer and inform them of the options to either wait for the product to come in, select a 2nd choice or cancel the item if it is a product that is no longer available or there is an extremely long wait. This does happen extremely infrequently but it is a part of the business that we take very seriously and we really work hard to avoid these types of issues. When you carry over 8000 unique products in such a dynamic industry we as a retailer think we do an amazing job and are constantly working on inventory accuracy.

Do You Provide Swag with your orders?
-Yes, based on availability we always try to include promo stickers and promo magazines, dvds and posters when available. A majority of our smaller orders that are shipped in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope will receive the current Issue of The Skateboard Mag - space and weight restrictions permitting.

Do You Price Match?
- No - we believe we have some of the best pricing in the industry and treat all of our customers equally. Our selection in our Live Inventory is second to none among core Hybrid skateboard shops. We believe this process would truly impact the flow of the way we run our business and out of respect to you the customer we will never do this.

Do You Have A Customer Rewards Program for Customer Loyalty?
- Yes!! The way are our rewards program works is that you have to have an account setup for the shop and everytime you order you get  .25 cents for every $10 you order. For instance if you place a $400 order you will receive 40 points for your next order. The 40 points on the $400 calculate into a $10 savings on your next order (40 $10 increments x .25 (40x.25=$10)

So it pays to have an account at SoCalSkateShop.com
(NOTE: Reward Points are only available for Online Orders not in store purchases)

Do You Offer Free Shipping?
- Yes! - On all Mainland USA Orders over the subtotal of $85. We realize there are many shops that offer free shipping at lower order amounts but many of these shops inflate their prices to cover the supposed free shipping and use slower shipping methods on smaller orders so you will in many cases have to wait much longer for your order to arrive. We have had free shipping over $85 for 10 years now and we believe it is fair order break point for free shipping. We provide fast shipping and use either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail to ship your orders.


Do have have a Brick and Mortar Store ?
-Yes!  We have a retail store in Mission Viejo, Ca.  It is located at 24002 Via Fabricante Suite 205, Mission Viejo, CA 92691.  It has all of our online inventory in the store, and we have a ramp in the back of the store to skate.


SoCal Skateshop Storefront

SoCal SkateShop Store Pano

SoCal SkateShop Store Front

Longboard Wheel Wall

SoCal SkateShop Store Front

Board Room

The Board Room

Lonboard Decks

Longboard Decks

Longboard Room

Longboard Room

Our Inventory



Decks and Bins



Saftey Gear Warehouse




Softgoods Store

Retail Front

Retail Pano

Sweatshirts Backpacks

Tshirts Shoes

Chris Cole at the recently deceased Socal Ramp

Chris Cole Socal SkateShop

Shop Stop 2: SoCal Skateshop from Omit Apparel on Vimeo.

How Do We Advertise ?
-We do some ads in Concrete Wave Magazine and Juice Magazine, but primarily we get most of our advertising through word of mouth. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and we believe that taking care of our customers is the key to your satisfaction shopping with us. We do not exploit our shop online through E-Bay, Online Skateboarding forums(except our own forum), or while we are out skateboarding. We do blab occassionally about the shop but I do not drive around with a car full of product selling products at the skateparks for lower than what we sell online. I believe that providing the best service possible is the best advertising possible.

SoCal SkateShop Juice Ad

Mike Hirsch (Owner) Background
I have been involved with skateboarding since 1973 and competed in the late 70's and early 80's and was sponsored by companies including Woodflex, Santana, Powerflex, Variflex, Vans, Vision, G&S, and Tracker Trucks. Over the years I have continued to skateboard and in 2001 I started the website SoCalSkateParks.com which is the premiere skateboard park directory for Southern California Skateparks. In 2003, I conceptualize the film The Rebirth of Skateparks which was released in 2004.

Mike Hirsch- 2008

Mike Hirsch - Oasis Goldcup 1981

Mike Hirsch - 1981

The film was made possible by the hard work of Mike Salinger of MCS Productions, all of the skateboarders in the film, and our media sponsor Concrete Wave Magazine The Rebirth of Skateparks did a lot to inspire older skaters to get back into skateboarding and to educate younger skateboarders on the history of skateboarding in Southern California. I skate at most of the best skateparks here in SoCal and am stoked to meet and skate with a lot of our local customers

Our goal is to get your gear to you as soon as possible to be sure that you are stoked with using our shop. We truly appreciate your business.


The Hirsch and SoCalSkateShop Family.


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