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Seismic Trucks
Springs for Seismic G5 Trucks (Set of 2)

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Spring Type: White Max Light (In Stock) 
Orange Super Light (In Stock) 
Blue Extra Light (in Stock) 
Red Light (In Stock) 
Green Medium (In Stock) 
Purple Heavy (In Stock) 
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Seismic Trucks
Springs for Seismic G5 Trucks (Set of 2)


Available in seven (7) color-coded strengths. Max-Light (lightest) through Extra-Heavy (strongest).
Sold in sets of TWO springs (enough for one truck).

The G5 spring assemblies feature a breakthrough Spring Cap design that we spared no effort to develop, test, and refine. Compared to previous generations of the Seismic spring truck, this keeps the Springs much straighter as they compress – resulting in a larger turning range and enhanced steering control.


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