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Dogtown Skateboards
Red Dog Tri-Plane Yorkite Re-Issue Rider Deck
White 11x30.125

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Dogtown Skateboards
Dogtown Red Dog Tri-Plane Yorkite Re-Issue Rider Deck
White 11x30.125

The New Red Dog Tri-Plane Yorkite Reissue Deck in White Yorkite has finally landed at Socal. This is the Rider version of the Red Dog Tri-Plane Deck. Differences between the OG Reissue is the Color White, deck has Classic Wheel Wells, and has the new school truck hole pattern. Get one for the collection and one to ride as this is classic Dogtown Style. Jim "Red Dog" Muir has worked very hard on this project along side the manufacture PSSTIX to make sure these turned out perfect and meeting his expectations to present to you this classic Dogtown Re-Issue now for the first time with Wheel Wells and the new truck pattern. 

Deck Sizing:

16" 30.125" 11" 3" 6.125"

About the Deck from Dogtown (Images shown are from the OG Black Colorway without wheelwells)

Here at Dogtown every deck we release/reissue is special unto itself. But every once in
a while there is a project that carries extra emotion and detail. The Jim Muir “Triplane”
is one of those boards. This board has three features that figure prominently in the
history of skateboarding during the late 1970’s when Dogtown Founders, Jim “Red Dog”
Muir and Wes “Bull Dog” Humpston were revolutionizing skateboard designs and
supplied their handmade DTS skate decks to the pioneers of backyard pool riding.
The most important contribution we feel Dogtown brought to skateboard design was
concave and the Triplane was the first production deck that incorporated it.

Dogtown Skateboards

As Jim and Wes were building and designing boards in their backyard some of their
flat stock 1/2” hardwood material would become cupped. Rather than waste the
cupped material they decided to build convex and concave decks and test how they
rode on the vertical pool terrain versus the flat boards that were standard in those
days. During that development period they found out they could make a board and
ride it in the same day, so their designs advanced quite quickly. During that period
they immediately determined that the concave planks helped hold your feet on the
deck and gave you better control of the board. By the summer of 1977 the handmade
and hand drawn Dogtown boards were being featured in the pages of Skateboarder
and Skateboard World magazines.

Dogtown Skateboards

In redesigning the Triplane, Jim collaborated with Paul Schmitt of PS Stix to recreate
this classic deck. To start this process surviving O.G. Triplanes were resourced and
detailed and a new(old) mold was created. The outer layer that makes the Triplane
unique is Yorkite, which is a wood product developed for furniture and woodworking
as a protective and balancing veneer. It was also used on the Kryptonic “K Beam” and
Shogo Kubo “Air Beam” which is the reason so many of these boards survived to be
the highly coveted collector boards they are today.

Dogtown Skateboards

Sample Triplanes were pressed and test ridden and the art work was recreated.
Three different graphic color ways have been designed for three different board
releases. All of the boards are hand screened the old fashioned way, right down to
the multi color fades on the top and bottom graphics. The first board release will
be a black Yorkite Triplane production reissue. The second board, this deck, release will be a
very limited white Yorkite Triplane Rider with wheel wells added. The third board
release will be a limited edition, signed and numbered special graphic color way.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the reissue process and final



Jim Reddog Muir Product Collection


Please Note: We do our best to provide as much detail about the products we sell. If the items description needs clarification, if you have questions about colors available, graphic availability and so on please feel free to give us call as we are here to help
(949)600-5876 - Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time.
You can also send your inquiries via our Support Center
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GRIPTAPE:  SCS BLACK (Customizable)

BEARINGS:  Bones Reds (Customizable)

RISERS:   No Risers (Customizable)

HARDWARE:  SCS Phillips (Customizable)
Assemble Complete?  Yes    No

Grip Deck?   Yes    No

Special Instructions

SOCAL Board Builder Help

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Trucks


Typically the rule of thumb is to use trucks at the same width of the board you have selected. In most cases you can vary in the width slightly by using a truck that is 1/4" less in width or 1/4" more in width with the wider truck providing a bit more width and stability.


   -  7" Deck: Select 6.5" to 7.25" Axle Length Trucks
   -  7.25" to 7.5" Deck: Select 7" to 7.6" Axle Length Trucks
   -  7.75" to 8" Deck: Select 7.5" to 8" Axle Length Trucks
   -  8.25" Deck: Select 8" to 8.5" Axle Length Trucks
   -  8.5" Deck: Select 8.25" to 8.75" Axle Length Trucks
   -  8.75" to 9" Deck: Select 8.5" to 9" Axle Length Trucks
   -  9.25 to 10" Deck: Select 9" to 10" Axle Length Trucks
   -  10" and over Deck: Select 9" to 11" Axle Length Trucks


Ace, Krux, Independent, Royal, Thunder, Tensor, and Venture come in both High (HI) and Low (Lo) versions. The difference is that the Low trucks are a few millimeters lower than the High (HI) trucks. When choosing Lo trucks, be careful to select a smaller wheel (49mm to 53mm) to avoid wheel byte.

Of Course there are other variables such as the shape of the deck and the width of the wheels that you want to ride. Typically however, if you are selecting a deck that is symmetrical (popsicle shaped street deck or pool deck) the above reference should help you make the right decision.

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Wheels



The hardness of a wheel is also called the "durometer". For most wheels, durometer is measured on the A-scale, with 73A being a very soft wheel and 101A being a very hard wheel. Typically a harder wheel in the range of 90a to 101a is used for riding at skateparks, pools and street skateboarding. A softer wheel ranging from 78a to 88a will grip the surface you are riding better and are typically used for cruising, longboarding, ditch riding, all around skateboarding. Even softer wheels ranging from 73a to 77a will give you even a smoother ride and will in most cases be extra grippy but can be a bit slower than harder wheels. Rule of thumb harder the wheel faster the wheel is.


The size of skateboard wheels typically range in millimeter height from 49mm to 64mm with longboarding wheels clocking in the range 65mm to 107mm. How do you select the correct size wheel? Here is a quick reference to help you out!


- Wheel Size: 49MM TO 54MM
- Durometer: 90a to 101a (B Scale - 81b to 83b)


- Wheel Size: 52mm TO 65MM
Note: Most street/all around skateboarders at parks are riding anywhere from 52mm to 54mm wheels. Most Pool and Vert skateboarders typically ride wheels in the range of 56mm to 62mm.
- Durometer: 90a to 101a (B Scale - 81b to 84b)


- Wheel Size: 56mm TO 75MM
- Durometer: 73a to 90a


- Wheel Size: 65mm TO 85MM
- Durometer: 73a to 88a

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Bearings


Skateboard Bearings are typically rated by the ABEC rating scale which ranges from ABEC-3 to ABEC-9. You can loosely relate the scale from ABEC-3 being the slowest to ABEC-9 bearings being the fastest. There are also Ceramic Bearings which are typically more expensive and should be the fastet and smoothest bearings you can get. With bearings you typically get what you pay for with a lower price bearing being the least Quality Tested and the more expensive bearing being tested more thoroughly by the manufacturer with higher quality parts and consistency in performance of the bearings. By far the most common bearings sold are between the price range of $8.95 to $20.00 but if you are after more performance from you bearings consider a higher priced bearing.

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Griptape


- Griptape is what you put on top of the deck to hold you on your board while doing your thing. We sell many styles of griptape and it is important to select the appropriate width griptape that will work for the width of the board you have selected.

- Typically the grippiness of the griptape ranges as Follows:
   -  Less Grippy: Clear, Element, FKD, Jessup
   -  More Grippy: Black Magic, Mob, Diamond, Negative One
   -  Extra Grippy: Madrid Fly Paper
   -  Really Really Grippy: :Edger, Madrid Thumb Cutter Vicious

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Hardware


   -  Risers increase the space between the truck and the deck. Using risers can give you the ability to loosen your trucks as youlike so that you can turn/carve tighter and will help to prevent wheel bite (when the wheel hits the deck and stops rotating and you possibly get pitched LOL). Using Wedge risers can help you to change the geometry of where the truck is angled on the deck and can even help you turn/carve even sharper.
   -  Risers come in either hard, soft (shock), or combination of both hard and soft. Soft risers can help smooth out your rider by absorbing shock while you ride. Hard risers add a more solid feel to your skateboard.
   -  The size of risers you choose direcly relates to the size of the wheel that you choose.


49MM TO 55MM Wheels No Risers (Optional 1/8 Soft Shock Riser)
56MM TO 58MM Wheels Optional 1/8 Riser
59MM TO 61MM Wheels 1/4 Riser
62MM TO 64MM Wheels 1/4 to 3/8 Riser
65MM TO 75MM Wheels 3/8 to 1/2 Riser
Longboard Drop ThroughNo Riser Necessary
Longboard PintailOptional .032 to 1/4 Shock Riser
NOTE: Thunder Risers only Fit on Thunder Trucks!!

SOCAL Board Builder Help - Risers


If you select the free optional hardware we will be sure to include the correct hardware for your complete.

- Mounting hardware is a set of eight 10-32 UNC bolts, usually an Allen or Phillips head, and matching nylon locknuts. They are used to attach the trucks to the board. Some sets have one different colored bolt to show which side is the nose of the skateboard. Some come in assorted colors. We also sell Panhead and Trusshead hardware that is typically used on Re-issue Skateboard Completes or Longboard Completes. This type of hardware does not counter sync into your deck and has a small top that is raised very slightly on the top of the deck.


   -  No Riser7/8" to 1" Hardware
   -  .032 to 1/8 Riser1" to 1 1/4" Hardware
   -   1/4 Riser 1 1/4" Hardware
   -   3/8 Riser 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" Hardware
   -   1/2 Riser 1 1/2" Hardware
   -   Stacked Risers over 1/2 Tall 1.75" +

SPECIAL NOTE IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A LONGBOARD COMPLETE: If you are building up a thinner 4-ply /5-ply or a thicker 8-ply/9-ply or 11-ply deck, when choosing hardware you should consider ordering hardware a bit longer than the suggestions above to compensate for the thickness of the board.

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