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Juice Magazine
Juice Issue #76

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Juice Magazine
Juice Issue #76


Juice Magazine #76, featuring Mark Hubbard on the cover, is dedicated to the memory of Monk and the DIY spirit and a generation of builders who have been inspired by what the OGs of Burnside sparked with a vision to throw down some concrete and make it happen.

Whether it’s mixing up a bag of concrete in a wheel barrow just to tranny up to a flat wall or digging out a bowl for weeks just to make a dream pool happen, we want to thank all those who took it upon themselves to create a skate scene in their town so the locals have a place to ride, have fun, and experience the camaraderie of the global skate family!

We have all seen that there are no limits to the creativity of forms and structures you can dream to build. To see the new generation of skaters coming up, riding and envisioning what they want to skate, shows us that the future is bright! We can’t wait to see what future skatescapes will be built and shredded by everyone!

Thank you again Burnside OGs and all DIY builders and also thanks to the ‘70s skatepark designers who inspired them and showed them how gnarly it could be done!

– Words by Jim “Murf” Murphy.
– Cover photo by Arto Saari

Juice Magazine 76 Features: Bad Brains, Barbara Kruger, Beyond The Streets, Burnside Skatepark, Channel Street Skatepark, Dave “Science” Maxwell, DIY Life, Durand Beasley, Duty Now For The Future, Ed Peck, Artisan Skateparks, FDR Skatepark, Grindline Skateparks, H.R., Ivan Hosoi, Jason Dill, Jason “Tippy” Tipp, Leeside, Marginal Way Skatepark, Mark “Monk” Hubbard, Sheepside, Smutty Smiff, The Rockats, Thomas Dupere and Washington Street Skatepark.


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