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Powell Peralta Supreme Patch - 2.5"
    Powell Peralta Supreme Patch - 2.5"
    Purchase Powell Peralta Supreme Patch - 2.5"
      Powell Peralta Supreme Patch - 2.5"

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    Powell Peralta Skateboards Supreme Patch - 2.5"

    • Denim and cotton material provide the best base. Be careful of polyester.
    • Put the item on a hard surface, like an ironing board. Iron it to create a nice, flat surface.
    • Place the patch where you want it to be.
    • Heat up the iron to it's hottest setting.
    • Place a thin cloth over the patch. (This will protect the patch and any surrounding material).
    • Place the iron over the patch and press down hard as possible for 15-30 seconds.
    • Remove the iron and let patch cool.
    • Check the patch by gently rubbing at the edge, trying to lift it. If it lifts, replace the thin material and iron again for 10- 15 seconds.
    • To ensure a secure patch you can also sew around the edges.
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    Powell Peralta Supreme Patch - 2.5"
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